Lisa Jhung

New Balance 759

Outside reviews New Balance's 759 road running shoe.

Adidas Solution

Adidas Solution

Outside reviews Adidas' Solution road running shoe.

Nike Free Run+

Nike Free Run+

Outside reviews the Nike Free Run+ road shoe.

Scott Makani II Road Running Shoes

Pass the crow. When we heard Scott, a company better known for ski gear and carbon-fiber bikes, was bringing a line of performance running shoes to the U.S., we were skeptical. Then we tried them....

The North Face Single-Track Trail Running Shoes

Imagine a shoe that feels right whether you're running three miles around the park or all day in the mountains. Fantasy? Nope. Everyone on our team—from hardcore ultramarathoners to high-cadence...

Nike LunarGlide+ Running Shoes

1. A road shoe designed for both neutral runners and overpronators? Believe it. The LunarGlide's midsole has two foams—a soft type that cushions the direct heel hit of a neutral runner, and a harder...

Adidas Supernova Glide Road Running Shoes

1. Who says you can't please everyone? Whether our testers had wide or narrow feet, or preferred slow, long runs or quick, on-your-toes workouts, somehow all were convinced the Glide was the perfect...

Montrail Mountain Masochist Trail Running Shoes

1. Fire roads. Technical trails. Even races and runs with short stretches of pavement. Regardless of what they were doing, testers reached for the Mountain Masochist more than any other shoe. And...

Women's Road Running Gear

Women's Running

1. BROOKS HVAC CAP SLEEVE Embedded silver fibers are said to disperse heat, but this top's best cooling features are the roomy tank-like cut under the arms and the sun protection from its cap...

Women's surfing gear

Women's Surfing

1. ROXY LIMITED EDITION SYNCHRO 1/1 MM LONG-SLEEVED TOP In summer ocean temps, one millimeter of neoprene is often all you need to stay in the water until dusk. $70; 2. DAKINE GIRL'S INDO...


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