Bucky McMahon


Tiny dinosaurs may lurk under the porch.

SUP Dude

Masochistic surf kook bent on taming very large stand-up paddleboard seeks Graveyard of the Atlantic for island-linking expedition entirely at whim of wind and waves.

Giro di Salame

On a vintage steed, over vertiginous hills of white gravel, suitcase overloaded with courage, BUCKY McMAHON battles through Italy's infamous Eroica—a grueling, 127-mile "period...

Where the Walking Shark Lives

It's the antithesis of the bleached-out, overfished reefs that divers find around the world—a place where the sea is still bursting with life, and hope for the ocean endures. Pull on a tank...

Pinto Mean!

The perils of raising a grumpy colt

Jungle Gym

Welcome to Bigfoot's winter hideaway, where unclimbed mountains, roaring whitewater, and a new luxury eco-lodge await you

Puerto Rico

Destinations Special, Outside magazine, February 2001: Wild Caribbean | Puerto Rico

Fresh Tracks

Heli Help Us The $65,000 and exhaustive training needed for a summit bid on Everest may be a bit out of your league, but climbing 16,535-foot Mount Carstensz in Irian Jaya—Oceania's highest peak...

In Tobago, It's All Good

Exploring the oldest protected rainforest, the soft coral reefs, and the all-night fêtes of the Caribbean's farthest reaches

In Tobago, It's All Good

Tobago or Not Tobago?: Negotiating 182 square miles of tropical Eden, no question about it


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