Mike Steere

The Best Sunglasses of 2014

 Better looking, better performing, better priced: it's a good time to buy a new pair of shades.

A Picture of Courage

When the author's daughter was nervous about dance tryouts, he tried to remind her how fearless she was on a ropes course high in the French Alps.

La Formule for a French Family Vacation

Yes, you can tour France with kids without ever setting foot in the museum. And it’s cheaper (and a hell of a lot more fun for everyone) than you’d think.

Beyond S'mores: 3 Easy Campfire Desserts for Kids

Bad-mouthing the classic campfire dessert, the sickeningly-sweet overkill hot gooburger known as the s’more, is just plain wrong. It’s tantamount to dumping on the Girl Scouts, in whose handbook the...

5 Summer Camp Survival Tips (for Parents)

“There’s a business opportunity here. I know it,” says Mike Knauf. The director of French Woods, a New York state summer camp that provides attendees with both serious experience in fine arts and...

Spy Discord

Retro-geeky fashion glasses with modern-future lenses.