Justin Nyberg

Yes You Can: Run the NYC Marathon

Going 26.2 miles is a great way to prove your grit—and there's no greater showcase than the world's biggest. Presenting a simple plan to get anyone off the couch and across the finish line.

Reza Baluchi

Age: 36 Organization: Run with Reza Baluchi's advice for those looking for a way to help? Get moving. "When you run, you have a lot of time for thinking. Think of what you can do to make the world...

Eric Greitens

Age: 35 Organization: The Mission Continues Greitens's résumé is hard to believe. Twelve-time marathoner with a 2:58 best. Champion boxer. Aspiring mountaineer. Rhodes scholar. Oxford...

Guillemot Kayaks Night Heron

Wooden kayaks weigh significantly less than most modern fiberglass boats, so they are easier to handle on land and faster on water. The catch? These handcrafted works of art can cost as much as a new...

Fittest Real Athletes – Alan Horton

Work, kids, 99-cent value meals we know how the fitness excuses can pile up. That's why we've assembled our second annual class of Outside's Fittest (Real) Athletes: five wickedly overscheduled...


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