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The Essentials: Pocket Protectors

5. LITE SABER No, Eddie Bauer's Belay Knife is not one you'll pass on to your grandkids. But at a mere 1.4 ounces, this combo-blade folding knife is among the lightest pocketknives you can find...

Smartphone: Motorola Droid

Laptops and cell phones are merging. Here's the new range of options for connected travelers.

Laptop: Toshiba NB205

Laptop: Toshiba NB205

NETBOOK BEST FOR: Budget travelers, backup If you don't want a claustrophobic screen or you're going to spend a lot of time typing on the road, pick up a netbook, like the sub-three-pound TOSHIBA...

Laptop: Sony Vaio P

MINI-NETBOOK BEST FOR: Backpackers Like packing the abso­lute minimum? SONY's VAIO P (from $900; sonystyle.com) weighs just 1.4 pounds and is a little larger than a page of our magazine folded in...

Spring Gear: Cycling

When spring showers make a mess of your favorite streets and trails, fight back.

How to Train for a Marathon (cont.)

6. KEEP A RECORD A running log keeps you honest, which helps you stick to your plan and avoid overtraining. By writing everything down, you'll also start to appreciate your progress. "You've got...

Justin Nyberg

Yes You Can: Run the NYC Marathon

Going 26.2 miles is a great way to prove your grit—and there's no greater showcase than the world's biggest. Presenting a simple plan to get anyone off the couch and across the finish line.


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