Justin Nyberg


Six high-octane sports drinks

Drink Responsibly

Groundbreaking new research shows there's a better way to fill your tank


1. Sunglasses » No sweat streaks, no sunscreen smudges, no frames blocking peripheral vision. Runners won't find a better pair of sunglasses than OAKLEY's Gear of the Year–winning Radars. $155–$...

Turn Your Phone Into a Coach

At long last, the transformation of your mobile device (don't call it a cell phone) into digital Swiss Army knife is complete. There's the phone part, the camera, the audio player, the GPS, the...

My Cyber-Coach

What's it like to have a digital trainer? Research editor Justin Nyberg reports.

Captain Enduro

Meet mountain biker Cameron Chambers, the reigning U.S. king of pain

Happy Feet

Speed hiker Andrew Thompson stomps all over your idea of endurance athletes

Queen of the Mountain

This Spanish phenom is one of the world's best sport climbers—male or female

Ice Breaker

Name: INES PAPERT Gig: ICE CLIMBER Height: 5'6" Weight: 123 Age: 31 WHEN ICE CLIMBER INES PARERT won the women's division at Colorado's Ouray Ice Festival last year, the 31-year-old German scampered...

The Believers

Jeb Corliss and Maria von Egidy: Wing People

Going Down in History

A new documentary takes on the snowboarding revolution—and launches one of its own

Crowding Giants

The growing mob at surfing's premier big wave has tow-in veterans fearing for their lives


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