Sam Moulton

Rush Redux

On the fly: heli-hiking the St. Elias Mountians

Buying Right

Power Sticks Go for a hike in the Alps and you'll notice a curious thing: Euros love their walking canes. Recent studies in Europe and the States show that today's ultralightweight poles reduce...

Rush Redux

Five adventure bonanzas in the Yukon's summertime wilds

Rush Redux

Remote float: rafting the Alsek River

Where the Wild Things Go

Sea-Kayak: The rock-and-glide of open-water kayaking meets THE SWEET SOLITUDE OF UNTRAMMELED SHORELINE. We found your paddling paradise in Florida—plus perfect water in Alaska and Maine.

Where the Wild Things Go

Canoe: In lake-and-river country, FLATWATER NIRVANA IS ONLY A PORTAGE (OR TWO) AWAY. Dip a paddle in these waters, all sure to please the adventuring open-boater.


Who says tricks are for kids?

Light Heavyweights

Amped by a new Colorado superstore, Mont-Bell hopes to sell the USA on its streamlined swagstreamlined swag

Alone Among the Dunes

The Canadian Sahara can be reached by floatplane, but it's way more fun getting there by boat

Canadian Bounty

Don't miss out on this trio of premier paddling adventures


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