Megan Michelson

How to Reach Out Anywhere

Sometimes it takes more than a cell signal: Climbing in Europe and you want to keep up with that lass who offered to show you around Prague? Learn about the best technology to do just that.

How to Compete in Costume

Because nothing takes the edge off like making a fool of yourself. The trick is an outfit that lets you finish with a time you can live with.

In a House by the River

Sixteen years ago, the man who helped raise Megan Michelson was shot to death at a remote kayaking lodge in Northern California. Michelson embarks on a painful search for answers about what happened...

Oakley Grapevine - Sunglasses: Reviews

Designed with wide, curved lenses to optimize peripheral view, the Grapevine is sporty enough for a day hike, but fashionable enough for the city.

Mammut Nirvana 25 – Daypack: Reviews

Heading out the gate? This low-profile and lightweight (three-pound) pack comfortably carries skis, avy gear, and a helmet. There's also extra back protection and an insulated hydration-tube sleeve...

Adidas Cubic Lush - Sunglasses: Reviews

Although they look feminine enough for drinks on the patio, the Cubic Lush stayed put even on a windy road ride. Lightweight and rimless, they're best suited for women with small features. adidas....

Ortovox S1 – Adventure Electronics: Reviews

Beacon technology continues to evolve: The new S1 has the smartest electronic signal separation for multiple burials we've seen. It also includes an inclinometer and electronic compass.

Tifosi Optics Alpe - Sunglasses: Reviews

Shades in this price range are usually ill-fitting or outfitted with crappy lenses. Not so with the Alpe. The ear pads are adjustable and the polycarbonate lenses are surprisingly crisp. tifosioptics...

Orage Haven 3 Ply - Pants: Reviews

Like most ski pants, the waterproof-breathable Havens have thigh vents and plenty of pockets. But thanks to smart details—like leather zipper pulls and a loose cut—they look better than...

Voile Mini Telepro T6 – Tools: Reviews

This sturdy new aluminum shovel has all the perks of a big spade—namely, a strong scoop for quick digging—without the bulk or weight (it's just one pound nine ounces). If you're ultra-...

Scott Format Jacket - Midweight Jacket: Reviews

When buttoned up, the 550-down-filled Format can handle the coldest mountain weather. And when it finally warms up, detach the hood, crack the underarm vents, and keep on riding.

DNA Louie Louie Pant - Pants: Reviews

Don't judge these pin-striped slacks on their looks alone. They're completely waterproof-breathable, and thanks to an extra bit of insulation in the seat, you won't freeze your ass off on the...