Megan Michelson

Roam for Foam

Our Guide to the World's Wildest Bars

Highway Robbery

A new film vows to avenge the death of the electric car

The Pulse

RERUNNER Part training aid, part Pavlovian torture device, the wireless ENTERTRAINER connects a heart-rate monitor to your television. Fall below your target range during your treadmill session and...

In the Field with Seamus Murphy

Seamus Murphy's recent trip to Syria with writer Patrick Symmes was one of many in a long list of far-flung adventures across the globe. Read about his experiences in Syria, then view an exclusive...

On the Water at Otter Bar

As one of the premiere destination whitewater schools in the country, the Otter Bar Lodge Kayak School has the instructor chops, the rapids, and the views to keep you coming back