Christina Erb

The Top 10 Spring Break Adventures

Forget the drunk, stumbling, bleached-blonde, muscled hordes of Panama City. Take a trip to one of the country’s top spots for adventure and come back refreshed.

Bike Yellowstone National Park

Tough cyclists willing to haul bear spray, extra water, a repair kit, and emergency gear will love this ride.

Wield an Axe in Ouray

Escape the heat and head to Colorado’s Ouray Ice Park, deep inside the San Juan Mountains, to climb Uncompahgre Gorge’s 40-to-200 foot-tall walls.

Denali Dog Sled Expeditions

Denali Dog Sled Expeditions’ 60-mile round trip from Healy, Alaska, to a backcountry cabin—just six miles from where Christopher McCandless starved to death—is worth the frigid cold.


Samoa’s checklist is wet and not for the faint hearted. Head to the Piula Cave Pool, a popular freshwater spot that pops up at the end of a claustrophobically narrow underwater tunnel. Swim at To Sua...

Wolfhound Adventure Tours’ New Year’s Eve

Wolfhound Adventure Tours’ eight-day trip to southern Ireland’s formidable castles features tours of iconic fishing villages, hikes on wind-strewn beaches, and recovery in the country’s coziest...