Alicia Carr

Oakley Betray - Sunglasses: Reviews

With a wide peripheral view, the Betrays are fit for a romp in the woods yet fashionable enough for a stroll through the city.

Sigg Retro Bottle – Accessories: Reviews

The ribs really do make it easier to hold on to. But our favorite thing about this old-school-looking aluminum bottle is its proprietary liner that fights off gunk build-up and other unwanted nasties...

ThirtyTwo Sonic - Snowboard Boots: Reviews

Good for Resort Testers loved the ability to customize the stiffness of the Sonic, thanks to traditional laces. In addition, an inner lacing system snugs tight—and never loosens—which means...

Keen Whisper Sport - Urban Wear: Reviews

Breathable mesh-and-foam midsoles make these sporty Mary Janes perfect for roaming around a foreign city. An EVA footbed provides support, while a toe bumper ensures no stubs.

Brunton Bantam – Camp Stoves: Reviews

Yes, it cranks. But the true test of stoves this size is how well they simmer—and the Bantam passed our (scientific) evenly-cooked-pancake test with flying colors. White gas only, 10 oz; brunton...

Julbo Sail - Sunglasses: Reviews

Not only did the Octopus lens stay streak-free on a drenching Class IV rapid; it actually repelled water. Caution: Of the two sizes available, the small is small—really, really small. julbousa....

Wenger Mike Horn Knife – Knives: Reviews

This is what happens when you get one of the world's toughest adventurers to help design a multitool. You can open the tool's two knives with one gloved hand, and there's a sturdy needle-nose pliers...

Keen Kaley - Casual Footwear: Reviews

The faux-fur lining of these water-resistant cuties will keep your toes cozy when the mercury takes a dive. The toggles are just for show—an inside zipper makes the boots easy to take off....


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