Alicia Carr

Forum Dreamboat - Snowboards: Reviews

Good for Resort If we had a Most Likely to Succeed in Any Conditions award, the reverse-camber, twin-tip Dreamboat would have been champ. Credit Forum’s old-school philosophy, which eschews the...

Oakley Galaxy Zip-Up - Soft Shell: Reviews

There's nothing like slipping into something as soft as butter when your limbs feel like Jell-O. This French terry track jacket features feminine details (an empire waist and side tie) but is as...

Lib Tech C2 BTX Travis Rice - Snowboards: Reviews

Good for Resort Whereas most of the boards here have either traditional or reverse camber, the Travis Rice is a combo. The mixed camber—reverse between the bindings; traditional at either end...

Dansko Chris - Footwear: Reviews

Credit Dansko's signature contoured insole and roomy toe box for making these boots the most comfortable we tested. The shearling lining was cozy but not suffocating, even for testers with sweat-...

Brunton Polaris - Lanterns & Headlamps: Reviews

Thanks to an orange filter, the three-watt-LED Polaris creates a warm, natural glow. Only drawback: It'll undoubtedly be the only gadget at the camp powered by (heavy) C batteries. 15 oz;

Rossignol Angus - Snowboards: Reviews

Good for Resort Beginners, take note: This is the most forgiving board in our lineup. If you're wondering whether rockered boards are really all that (and they are), know that the Angus is the most...

Thule T2 - Car Racks: Reviews

This easy-loading hitch rack keeps two bikes—of any shape or size—secure and separated. And it folds out of the way for hatchback access.


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