Alicia Carr

Burton Grail - Snowboard Boots: Reviews

Good for Resort Feel free to go big: An extra dose of cushioning in the Grail's midsole makes for plush landings. Our big-footed testers also liked its low profile; their Shaq-like toes and heels...

Mila PLS 100 - Lanterns & Headlamps: Reviews

It's like putting your car's high beam on your head. Powered by a 1.4-pound rechargeable battery pack, this Swedish-made, 20-watt halogen lamp is ridiculously bright and per-fect for caving or...

Flow Essence - Snowboard Binding: Reviews

Instead of two straps, the new Essence has one big flap with four mini-ratchets. It's a time-tested design, and testers loved this binding's unparalleled feeling of security.

DC Journey - Snowboard Boots: Reviews

Good for Resort Can't stand mushy boots? With its high-density EVA and synthetic leather in the shell, the Journey is the stiffest boot here. Testers also liked the ergonomic tongue, which hugs your...

The Essentials: Surf Road Trip

WHERE TO USE IT: The best surf road trip begins in San Diego and heads north. Start mellow, with the friendly Tourmaline break, in Pacific Beach. Camp on the bluffs at San Onofre overlooking Old Man'...

The Essentials: Marine Core

It's finally full-blown summer—and you're amped to make the most of it. We're with you: Here are our picks for this season's best gear—and where to take it.

Spring Break: Surf Kona

Scenario: El Niño Boils the Pacific Spring on the Kailua-Kona side of Hawaii's Big Island usually brings thick humidity and low surf. But in El Niño years, trade winds are often pushed south,...

Snowboard Slanguage

Here are the answers to the Me Talk Snowboard One Day quiz: 1. B 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. A

Me Talk Snowboard One Day

A crash-course quiz on the slanguage you'll hear blaring over the halfpipe (or, rather, "stunt ditch") in Vancouver.

Shaun White's Project X

Last winter, snowboarder Shaun White, 23, spent some time riding a clandestine halfpipe—"the best ever"—built just for him behind Colorado's Silverton Mountain. Known as Project X and funded by Red...