Alicia Carr

Photographer John Clark

John Clark

Clark's prop list: his childhood BMX bike, a stuffed oryx head (it was a Valentine's Day gift; long story), and his favorite cameras. "As someone uncomfortable being photographed, I tried to bring...

Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah

Parties, Premieres, and Powder—Lots of It

On January 17, Hollywood hotshots and thousands of movie fans will invade the Wasatch Front for 11 days of movies and partying at the Sundance Film Festival. Get your cinematic thrills, then ditch...


For 22-year-old Finn Eero Ettala, 2006 was a good year: He won a big-air event in Switzerland; TransWorld Snowboarding nominated him for Rider of the Year (though Shaun White won); and, during the...

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Canyoneer TRAVEL: 20 MILES Hook up with Alpine Training Services ($120; to rappel down 70 feet of cascading waterfalls in the San Gabriel Mountains' Little Santa Anita, a bolted...


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