Ted Alan Stedman

Tumi Ducati Due Porte Suitcase

Where carry-ons are concerned, thin is in, and you’ll do well to avoid the wide-body rollers that can be cumbersome on smaller planes. If you’re looking for a larger bag to check, look for a balance...

Helly Hansen 90L Duffel Bag

Outside reviews the best gear in the Summer 2012 Buyer's Guide, including the Helly Hansen 90L Duffel Bag.

Gregory Cache 28L Pack

Outside reviews the best gear in the Summer 2012 Buyer's Guide, including the Gregory Cache 28L Pack.

REI Grand Tour 85M Backpack

Outside reviews the best gear in the 2011 Summer Buyers Guide, including the REI Grand Tour 85M backpack.

Mountainsmith Covert LX - Luggage: Reviews

BOMBER VAGABONDWhat looks like a techy backpack splits into a 1,340-cube daypack and a 4,400-cube main hauler, carried as shoulder or side bag. In Iquitos, Peru, it all behaved like a comfortable 40-...

Eagle Creek Twist 65L - Carry-On Bage: Reviews

Off-RoaderAfter 18,000 air miles and transits to mucky Thai elephant camps, this agile 3,965-cube convertible sustained only negligible knicks. The drop door's main compartment easily assimilates ten...

Osprey SpaceStation 100 - Luggage: Reviews

MULTISPORT MAWThis rolling expedition duffel could eat two pony kegs. I dumped loads of gear into the 6,100-cube behemoth for kayaking and glacier tromping in Alaska and still had plenty of room....

JanSport 22

ROUGH-AND-TUMBLE MINIMALISTThis 3,150-cube carry-on's built like a wolverine: compact, rugged, and toothy—colossal five-inch wheels bite into most any surface and prevent payload rollovers....

Victorinox 22

SLICK AND UTILITARIANFully rotating handle for ergonomic towing; adjustable, ventilated, zip-away backpack suspension for off-road jaunts; detachable day bag with shoulder strap for town tours? Check...