Will Palmer

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Tucson-based Will Palmer is a freelance editor, a former staffer at Outside, and a longtime reviewer of tech, watches, luggage, running shoes, and apparel for Outside, the Buyer’s Guide, and Outside Online.

iPod Nano - Audio Players: Reviews

Audio quality is still not as good as you'd expect, but it's good enough, and the two-inch screen renders video surpri­singly watchable. Buying the red unit helps fight AIDS in Africa. Mac or PC...

Google Nexus One - Cell Phones: Reviews

After a decade of ever-more-mobile devices, 2010 has seen several advances we've been hoping for. Some companies have countered the problem of disposable gadgets, designing higher-quality products...

IHome IP49: Headphones and Speakers Review

Our criteria for a good travel speaker: light, tough, and sounds good enough to keep playing once you're there. The last one is usually the deal breaker, but the iP49 docking station flips open and...

Cowon iAudio 7 - Audio Players: Reviews

This unit bangs out some of the best sound we've heard from a digital audio player. Sixty hours of playback per charge, FM, and voice recording only sweeten the deal. Mac or PC; cowonamerica.com

Casio G'zOne Brigade - Cell Phones: Reviews

You Can Hear Me Now?!A godsend to anyone who's accidentally water-skied with a phone in his pocket, the Brigade is the first messaging phone sold in the U.S. that's shock-resistant and waterproof (to...

Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G: Tablets Review

The iPad adds 3G connectivity to the debut version's wi-fi so you can Web-browse, watch movies, or read the new issue of your favorite outdoor magazine from your car or a park bench. No, it won't...

Creative Zen - Audio Players: Reviews

We love the Zen's 2.5-inch screen and crisp sound. Music, photos, video, FM, and voice recording are standard, and a card slot lets you boost storage. PC only; creative.com

Garmin Nüvi 3790T - GPS Devices: Reviews

Mapping MavenThis super-powerful GPS takes personal navigation to a new level. Testers were shocked by how eyeblink-fast it updated location on its gorgeous 4.3-inch screen—as if the satellites...