Will Palmer

Author's Bio

Tucson-based Will Palmer is a freelance editor, a former staffer at Outside, and a longtime reviewer of tech, watches, luggage, running shoes, and apparel for Outside, the Buyer’s Guide, and Outside Online.

iBattz Mojo Armor

Outside picks the best iPhone cases of May 2013, including the iBattz Mojo Armor

Momentum Vortech GMT

The Vortech GMT will help you stay oriented as you cross through multiple time zones.

Garmin Fenix Watch

Garmin's first full-functioning GPS watch is a true workhorse.

Fujifilm FinePix XP170 Digital Camera

Sharing powder shots, filming your friend's huck, and keeping in touch have never been easier with gadgets like Fujifilm's XP170 and the DeLorme InReach communicator.

DeLorme InReach Communicator

The InReach communicator will give you SOS and text capabilities in the 90 percent of the planet not covered by cell towers.

SpareOne Emergency Phone

The SpareOne phone has a 15-year battery life, making it a reliable emergency back-up.

Killer Wales

A wild family adventure in King Arthur country.

Scarpa Manhattan Shoes

Outside reviews the best gear in the Summer 2012 Buyer’s Guide, including the Scarpa Manhattan shoes.