Marc Peruzzi

The Standout Skis of 2015

Buying new skis this year? Lucky you. We tested the latest designs, and these came out on top—so shop wisely.

10 Rules to Detox Your Digital Life

Remember the dire Y2K technological apocalypse predictions? If only they had come true. Without sermonizing, here are 10 ways to disconnect the broadband flow of digitized scheiße that's drowning our...

Utah Versus Colorado—the Final Reckoning

There’s a ferocious battle for snowsports business being waged right now between these two western states. So who’s going to win the Wasatch-Front-versus-Front-Range wintry gear smackdown?

Can Snowboarding Be Saved?

Shortsighted marketers might be running snowboarding into the ground, but it isn’t too late to save the sport

The Armada ARVti

The revamped ARVti features a traditional untapered tip, a touch of rocker, and two full sheets of absorbant Titanal. “It’s ideal for billy-goating into tight chutes,” said one tester.

The Blizzard Bonafide

At lower speeds, you have to muscle these skis around a bit, but when you’re going all out, the wood and metal construction and Blizzard’s flutter-free Flipcore rocker—see page 30—feel like a long-...