Tim Sohn

Tim Sohn with Momogu villagers

Take No. 1,472

For my first TV project, I traveled to New Guinea for the Travel Channel to investigate a deadly mystery and swim with sharks, crocodiles, and snakes. Which was a lot less scary than getting in front...

Navy Seals

Swim. Bike. Run. Shoot. Kill.

Overrun with linebacker types who can't hack the training, recruiters for the Navy SEALs are targeting X Gamers and endurance athletes. Because who wouldn't want Lance Armstrong on the front...

Taking On the World

Leonardo DiCaprio's new documentary aims to shock us into saving the planet. Will viewers show up?

The Hole Shebang

There’s something sublime about a dip in a natural swimming hole, be it a lazy oxbow in a cool river, a hillside nook fed by a subterranean hot-spring, or a limestone bowl bored out by a 40-foot...


WILLIE NELSON Musician on a Mission With his BioWillie biodiesel—sold at truck stops in eight states—the redheaded stranger, 73, has brought a Birkenstock sensibility to the land of cowboy boots by...

Global Green CEO

MATT PETERSEN Global Green CEO & President Since taking the reins of Santa Monica, California-based Global Green USA—the U.S. branch of Gorbachev's Green Cross International—in 1994, Matt...

unsolved mysteries

Case Cold

Who can resist a good mystery, the kind that leaves you both rattled and baffled? Certainly not us. So it's with sinister pleasure that we bring you 13 tales of unrighteous deeds, inexplicable...


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