Devon O'Neil

How Global Warming Is Changing How We Play Outside

Climate change is affecting America’s recreation meccas—from Yosemite to Yellowstone—in profound ways. As the planet heats up and weather patterns shift, so will the ways we interact with the...

The Downside of Living in a Treehouse

A 65-year-old Miami woman has been living in a tree on her property for the past decade. Now, she’s fighting with the county to stay put.

Why Not Go Drone Surfing?

It’s a hot, windless Saturday in September. You and your buddies wanna go play on the lake, but no one’s got a boat or a Jet Ski. No matter: charge up an octocopter, lash on a tether, and hit the...

The Hardest Mountain Biking Race on Earth

The Mongolia Bike Challenge may be the most demanding mountain-bike race on earth. Started in 2010 as a ten-day event with multiple stage lengths in excess of 100 miles, the route takes riders...

How Did a Lightning Strike Kill 323 Reindeer?

A scary phenomenon called “step voltages,” in which an electric current travels overland and impacts any person or object connected to the ground, is likely responsible for wiping out 323 reindeer...

How to Treat a Concussion

There’s no universal blueprint for treating a concussion. The protocol depends on the individual’s symptoms and medical history, and recovery times vary.

Parks Are People Too

A movement to imbue land, rivers, and entire ecosystems with legal personhood status is gaining ground in the U.S.

Luke Aikins' 25,000-Foot, Record-Setting Freefall

On July 30 at approximately 5:45 p.m. local time, Hollywood stuntman and skydiving luminary Luke Aikins jumped out of a Cessna Grand Caravan airplane 25,000 feet above Simi Valley, California. It was...

Hell on Two Wheels Is Howard Grotts

Howard Grotts is the best American mountain biker in a generation. But he's had to overcome heartbreaking tragedy to reach his pinnacle.


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