Devon O'Neil

“Fodar:” The Future of Maps

The next evolution of topographic maps will be 3-D interactives that show how rivers change and landscapes erode with centimeter precision.

Adventure Athletes Are the New Diplomats

For the past 15 years the U.S. has been tapping pro baseball and basketball players as diplomatic envoys to Muslim nations. But now, with Dean Karnazes, we’ve begun sending adventure athletes abroad...

The 10 Least Popular National Parks

We thought you might like to know about the little guys—the ones that generated the least visitor spending in 2015. Go visit them. You can rest assured they won’t be crowded.

Bubble Running at Sea Doesn’t Work

One ultrarunner who keeps getting lost at sea has all but proven that trying to pedal a giant hamster ball across the ocean is not a good idea for anyone

How to Assess Earthquake Damage

In the aftermath of deadly earthquakes this year in Ecuador and last year in Nepal, California structural engineer Kit Miyamoto went in to get a read on the damage.

The Newest Type of Trophy Travel: Heli-Touring

Seventy-two-year-old Jack Wheeler is the pied piper of off-the-beaten-track adventure travel. He has been to all 198 countries and led trips in many of them, including the first commercial expedition...

Is Social Media Screwing Over Explorers?

Young, tech savvy adventurers are taking sponsors and funding away from grizzled, old-school explorers who aren’t strong on Facebook and Twitter. But they don’t always pull off the awesome feats they...

What to Expect on Everest for the 2016 Season

After deadly disasters on the world’s highest peak the past two years, demand for climbing Everest is low and some mountain guides are taking the season off. But there are still hundreds of climbers...


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