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Utility Bike

Utility bike: A bicycle built for hauling children, gear, or grocery bags full of organic quinoa and local honey.

Tough-Ass Pants

Tough-ass pants: A term for rugged work trousers that are particularly good at handling abuse.

Teva Sandal

Teva sandal: A water shoe that came to define a generation of river athletes.

Tech Binding

Tech binding: A lightweight binding system that transformed backcountry skiing and put telemarking on the path to obsolescence.


SUP: Short for stand-up paddle-board, a stable floating platform that combines the cool of surfing with the practicality of a spin workout.


Spork: An eating utensil that adds fork tines to a spoon and never fails to amuse its users.


Snowboarding: A snowsports alternative to skiing.


Caves, tepees, wall tents, those green canvas triangles that caused hypothermia in so many Boy Scouts—in one form or another, ideas borrowed from these flawed shelters appear in their modern...

USGS Topographical Map

USGS Topographical Map: A detailed representation of a landscape, created by the United States Geological Survey, and a rare example of something every bit as beautiful as it is useful.


Thule: A company founded by Swedish outdoorsman Erik Thulin, originally to make fishing gear.


Therm-a-Rest: The first mass-market inflatable sleeping pad.


A pioneering social-fitness app released in 2009.

Stove, Portable

A packable device producing fire for camp cooking.


A bindingless monoski invented in 1965.


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