Kyle Dickman

Bespoke Boards

Thanks to an influx of new computerized design tools, there are suddenly more custom ski makers and cheaper custom skis—about $1,300 for a pair of planks crafted to your physique and habits. Now...

Suite Digs

How to construct a bombproof winter campsite to keep you warm and comfortable

Brad Ludden

Age: 28 Organization: First Descents While Ludden may be photographed with his shirt off more than Matthew McCon­aughey—Ludden was on Outside's cover in 2000, and a few years later Cosmo named him...

Clare Lockhart

Age: 36Organization: The Institute for State EffectivenessLockhart's inspiration came in 2002, when the guns had fallen silent--briefly---around Kabul and she was standing amid the rubble. "There was...

Tim DeChristopher

Age: 28 Organization: Peaceful Uprising DeChristopher is facing two federal felonies, ten years in prison, and $750,000 in fines. Last December, he bid on, and won, close to $1.8 million worth of...

Be a Hero: Get Sponsorship

Practice authenticity: Be honest about building your expedition around a cause. "If you want to be the first to pogo the length of the Nile, do that. But don't bolt on that you're doing it to solve...

Jacks of All Trades

Yes, there's a world-class ski resort in Steamboat Springs. But as the careers (and hobbies) of these five guys demonstrate, that's just one part of this relaxed Colorado town's allure.

Leadville Trail 100

This August, the 16th annual Leadville Trail 100 mountain-bike race kicks off in America's highest city. An expected record of 1,300 competitors will climb more than 14,000 vertical feet at an...

Heroic Effort

A University of Utah student goes bid crazy.