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This Week in Video: May 27

Here's what you missed this week, including a stunning journey through Badlands National Park, a snapshot of Nepal one year after the earthquake, and a peek inside the ridiculously rad GoPro Athlete...

A Look Inside the Country’s Raddest Gear Sheds

Some people throw their gear in a corner of the garage. Others have dedicated gear rooms that are so stacked and organized they look like retail shops. We asked our Instagram followers to submit...

This Week in Video: May 20

Here's what you missed this week, including a review of the Electric’s Knoxville-S sunglasses, rare footage of the rock climbing legends, and a face-to-face encounter with a polar bear.

How Bad Is the Pay Gap for Outdoor Jobs?

A check-in on the state of equal pay shows that women still earn less than men in most outdoor industry occupations—but fare better than the worst offenders in the U.S.

EP04: The Devil's Highway, Part II

For centuries, the Devil’s Highway, a path through the desert in southern Arizona where water sources can be separated by 100 miles, was one of the harshest places in North America, killing many...

This Week in Video: May 13

Here's what you missed this week, including introductions to the most inspiring man on the PCT, an amazing adventure dad, and an eleven-year #vanlife hacker.

A Not-So-Easy Hike for an Otherworldly View

A year ago, Brandon and LeAnn Morris decided to quit their jobs in Seattle and hit the road. Not an uncommon premise for anyone that follows any adventurous Instagram accounts, but they actually did...

This Week in Video: May 6

Here's what you missed this week, including a look at a Gear of the Year winning mountain bike in the 2016 Summer Buyer's Guide, a day in the life of a tiny home resident, and a climbing film that...

EP03: The Devil’s Highway, Part 1

Pablo Valencia, a gold prospector in his 40s, spent six days wandering lost in 110-degree heat before stumbling into McGee’s camp. He shouldn’t have been alive, but he was.

Hold Your Breath, These Freediving Photos Are Insane

The husband and wife duo of Eusebio and Christina Saenz de Santamaria have set freediving records all over the world. Eusebio is one of few men to have reached below 100 meters under his own power,...

This Week in Video: April 29

Here's what you missed this week, including a review of the Kitsbow King Ridge Windbreaker, a pint-sized surfer to watch (she's got a hell of a future!), and an epic evening in a lift house at Wolf...


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