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Land and Water Conservation Fund to Expire

On Wednesday night, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) will expire, leaving thousands of acres of public lands, including portions of national parks, at risk for development projects.

Zion Reevaluates Permit Process

Rangers at Zion National Park are conducting an “after-action review” of their permit-issuing process following the death of seven canyoneers during a flash flood earlier in September.

Krakauer Hates ‘Everest’ Movie

Author Jon Krakauer told the Los Angeles Times on Friday that he thought the new movie ‘Everest,’ about the 1996 disaster on Mount Everest that killed eight climbers, was “total bull.”

Erik Roner Dies Parachuting

Erik Roner, a professional skier who helped pioneer ski-BASE jumping, died in a parachuting accident in Squaw Valley on Monday.

Mountaineer Abandons Everest Summit Attempt

Nobukazu Kuriki, a Japanese alpinist who attempted to be the first to summit Everest after the Nepal earthquake last April, was forced to descend the mountain on Saturday.

Partners Shed Light on Nose Climber's Fall

Climbing partners of Tyler Gordon, the 22-year-old rock climber who fell 200 feet to his death in Yosemite National Park last May, present during his fall from El Capitan’s Nose, released information...

Watch: Hammerhead Rams Kayaker

Mark McCracken was fishing a half mile off Gaviota State Beach, in Southern California, when a hammerhead shark started ramming and biting his kayak.


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