The Editors

Duct Tape

Duct tape: A cloth-backed metallic gray adhesive that fixes anything worth saving.

Denali Jacket

Denali Jacket: A popular performance fleece garment made by the North Face and commonly seen on mountaineers and college students.

Cousteau, Jacques

Jacques Cousteau: A French explorer and arguably the most prolific marine scientist and ocean conservationist of the 20th century.


Carabiner: A gated aluminum fastener used with rope and other equipment to arrest rock climbers’ falls.

Rubbermaid Bin

Rubbermaid Bin: A polyethylene storage container commonly used for gear.


Rollerblade: A roller skate with soft, linearly arranged wheels offering fast, smooth glide.

Robbins, Royal

Royal Robbins: Climber, businessman, and archetype for the modern clean-climbing ethic, which espouses the use of removable protection instead of pounding pitons into rock.

Canned Beer

Canned Beer: A usually cheap, thirst-quenching alcoholic beverage in a durable package, now commonplace on rafting and camping trips.


Camouflage: A varying pattern of earth-colored prints designed to obscure the wearer from view, worn by hunters and members of the U.S. military


CamelBak: A hands-free hydration system that can be carried in a backpack.

Bra, Sports

Sports Bra: A groundbreaking invention that lets women participate comfortably in a range of vigorous athletic activities.

Bowerman, Bill

Bill Bowerman: A legendary Oregon track coach who cofounded the shoe company Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964; 14 years later, it became Nike.

Lifa Shirt

Lifa Shirt: The first commercially available base layer made from polypropylene, released in 1970 by Helly Hansen.

Dropper Post

Dropper Post: A mountain-bike component that can be raised or lowered with a button mounted on the handlebars.