Kate Ferlic

Job Swapping

Career ideas (and time off) for burned-out workers

Straight Vegetable Oil

"Do you want to push it?" 33-year-old Kathy NiKeefe asks from the driver's seat of her 2001 VW Golf TDi. I lift my hand toward a button on the dash labeled "veggie switch" in cut-out letters. Once...

Italy's Grand Finale

If it's Riviera glitter you're after, head to Monaco. But for endless climbing, epic singletrack, and wild seacoast adventure, set a course for Finale Ligure.

Gas/Electric Hybrids

Hybrid vigor has long been a trusted tenet of biology: Cross a shiny red tomato with a frost-resistant tomato, and chances are you'll get a superior offspring that's both beautiful and cold hardy. A...

Ethanol Fuel

Making ethanol is a bit like following a recipe from an old Farmer's Almanac: Grind corn into flour; add water and enzymes to turn the flour into sugar; add yeast until you have a syrupy concoction;...

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Take a hydrogen atom, comprised of one proton and one electron. Strip the electron and run a car. That's the basic premise behind the energy efficiency crowd's latest craze, the fuel cell—a unit...

Big Wins

Now for the good news. Though water disputes often wind up in court—and never leave—here's something really refreshing: seven worthy fights that had a beginning, middle, and happy ending.