McKenzie Funk

The Sochi Olympics Are a Five-Ring Mess

“Sochi is a unique place,” Putin told the International Olympic Committee in 2007, when his personal touch helped Russia win the chance to host the 2014 Winter Games. Since then, he's mired Russia in...

In The Shadows of Sochi

Is Vladimir Putin using a heavy hand to make sure the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, are the best ever? Does that leopard he just wrestled to the ground have spots? Check out the consequences.

Powerful Stuff

Three new works that take a glass-half-full view of the looming energy crisis.

Greenland Rising

Global warming isn't bad news for everybody. In Greenland, the big melt could mean a flood of new revenue from mineral and oil deposits— previously trapped under ice. Flush with prospects, the...

Because It's There. (Sort of.)

GPS units in hand, obsessed adventurers are roaming the world to claim a new set of firsts: 16,232 places where major lines of latitude and longitude intersect. Sound geeky? Not when your sweet spot...

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