Neal Thompson

I'm With Stupid

Brothers Tom (the good son) and Jerry (the bad seed) are about to join their fellow flatlanders for a zero-to-60 weekend of skiing and snowboarding at a skyscraping resort two miles above sea level....

Blue Byways

Looping through Appalachia on a four-state spin

Strength in Numbers

Are your workouts an exercise in solitary refinement? Supercharge your performance with a little help from your friends.

A Club to Call Your Own

Most decent-size towns should have at least one club in your chosen sport; find one by asking around at sport shops or do an Internet search. Still can't find what you're looking for? Rally other...

Those In the Know, Doze

WHEN TO EXERCISE: If possible, save your outdoor exercise for late morning or early afternoon. That's when muscles are more responsive and adrenaline levels higher, while the sunlight will delay...