Dan Oko


Creatine Comes Clean

A decade of research reveals that creatine is the real deal—but watch your step when tempted by other supplements making big promises

Austin, Texas


Your survival plan for South by Southwest, the annual film-and-music bonanza taking place this month: (1) MAKE A PLAN. With hundreds of bands playing over five nights, picking your spots can be tough...

Best Trek

Darma Valley, Uttaranchal

Best River

Brahmaputra, Arunachal Pradesh

India Rocks

Welcome to the anti-Himalayas, a happy land of sunshine, frothy water, and extra-large boulders

Made in the Shade

REMEMBER WHEN SUNGLASSES served only to dial back the squint? Today's featherweight specs perform a veritable OSHA list of functions: they reduce eyestrain; protect against ultraviolet, infrared, and...

Not Now

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