Paul Kvinta

They Shoot Kangaroos, Don't They?

Australia is home to 24 million people and roughly 60 million kangaroos. The iconic creatures have now become such a nuisance that the government commissions sharpshooters to bag as many as they can.

The Madness of Modern-Day Poaching

South African Johnny Olivier was just looking for an easy job to pay the bills. But after agreeing to help a buddy collect lion bones for an international wildlife-trafficking kingpin, he found...

Big Gulp, No Exit

Low's Gully is a 6,000-foot chasm that gets deadly when it rains. This month, a team of top canyoneers take it on, with only one way out.

Q+A: Dry Advice

Nobody feels more at home in parched, prickly places than David Alloway. One of the country's leading desert experts, he runs a school, David Alloway's Skills of Survival (,...

The Backcountry Epicure

For many, camp cooking is a messy, disheartening, ultimately bland affair. But it doesn't have to be. Take, for instance, the following gastronomical field trip, led by three of the nation's finest...

Unreality Bites

Jim Fowler's new zoo will make Disney's Animal Kingdom look tame

Wild, Wild West Texas

A Tex-Mex multisport adventure takes exhilarating turns in Big Bend country

A Lick of Common Sense

You want to live? Have a cup of tea, know your plant life, and yield to snakes


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