Elizabeth Weil

The American Stars of Ski Jumping

Sure, the women of the U.S. ski-jumping team want to medal in Sochi. But they’ve already scored the biggest victory: getting their sport into the Olympics in the first place.

Reversal of Fortune

Maybe you've never heard of Lucky Chance—born Toby Benham—but the Australian climber, circus act, and all-around stunt monkey was testing the limits of BASE jumping in 2011 when he survived a...

Heavy Mettle

These days, each of the 27 worldwide Ironman events sells out in minutes. Ironman Asia-Pacific sold out in five. The inaugural Ironman U.S. Championship (in New York City and New Jersey) sold out in...

Babes on Belay

Four young climbers hit the road in search of big rock, girl power, and a heavenly interlude of physical bliss

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