Michael Frank

Live from Your Calf: Your Lactate Threshold!

Two companies are racing to add sweat-sensing capabilities to our wearables. Turns out the salty liquid is good for more than just cooling you down: It’s jammed with vital information about your...

Base Camp 101: Pick Your Spot

A friend and I once drove onto a beach to camp. The sign said it was legal, which was great, but the car got stuck in wet sand, which was not so great.

The 6 Sharpest-Looking Smartwatches

The reason so many plastic fitness bands wind up forgotten in drawers isn’t just lame battery life. It’s also because they’re ugly and uncomfortable—too much like Livestrong bracelets and too little...

Your Head Is Better for Sensors than Your Wrist

Most fitness trackers today (including the Mio Alpha, the Fitbit Surge, and the upcoming Apple Watch) use wrist-based heart-rate monitors to measure everything from beats per minute to calories...

Your iPhone Needs a Leash

We were more than a little dubious when we first heard about the Kenu Highline. Seriously, an idiot string for a phone?

Under Armour's Big Digital Play

Under Armour is the second largest fitness apparel brand in the U.S., clawing at the heels of Nike, and now surpassing number three Adidas.

The InBody Band Knows If You're Secretly Fat

A lot of activity trackers can count steps, track sleep patterns, monitor heart rate from your wrist, and display calls and texts. The InBody Band does all that, too, but it can also measure your...

Mini Cooper

This is the third generation of Minis and the thematics that were once comically cute now strike a better balanced between flash and substance.

Porsche Macan

Drive an AWD Macan to an off-road trailhead, and you’ll understand why Porsche’s best selling cars aren’t the two-seat 911 or Boxster, but the Cayenne—the Macan’s big sister.

Nissan Murano

The third-generation AWD Murano is clearly the best yet. In every way, it’s more like a luxury crossover than the price would lead you to believe.