Michael Frank

Smart Shades Are About to Get a Whole Lot Better

Earlier this week, Intel bought Recon Instruments, which sells heads-up-display technology for goggles to companies like Oakley and Smith. It also makes the Jet, a pair of futuristic shades that sync...

How Earphone Wearables Conquered the World

Wearables have an easier time measuring heart rate with LEDs from your ear than from your wrist. That’s one reason why companies like Jabra have turned to earbuds, rather than watches, to detect...

The Best Armor for Your Apple Watch

You’ve probably seen Lunatik cases for the iPhone. The best of these combine bomber armor with a simple, clean design aesthetic that’s reminiscent of an Apple product. Bottom line: It’s less...

Are You Overhydrated? This Smart Bottle Always Knows.

Two Austin, Texas–based brothers, Jac and Davis Saltzgiver, wanted to create the world’s first precise way to measure hydration. They developed Trago (which means “gulp” in Spanish), a smart water...

Camping 101: Get Ready for Anything

The first time a tent pole broke on me, I was 14 years old and on an overnight hike with my dad in the Cascades. We were camped well above tree line on a vast snowfield. It proved to me at a very...

The Best Wearable for Skiers and Snowboarders

The next phase in capturing sweet footy? Capturing the data to prove how much air you got. A new wearable for surfers and skiers called Trace, which maps everything from speed to number of rotations...

First Look: Rapha H6 Headphones

Rapha, maker of exceedingly high-end bike apparel, is getting into the music business. Sort of. This week, the company introduced the H6 headphones, which are the product of a collaboration with...

Nikon 1 V3

The 1 V3 ($1,200) is faster and, in many ways, more capable than a DSLR. It’s also cheaper, lighter, and smaller.

Withings Activité Pop

Most trackers look like something issued by a dystopian correctional facility. The Pop ($150) comes across as, well, an analog watch.


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