Michael Frank

The InBody Band Knows If You're Secretly Fat

A lot of activity trackers can count steps, track sleep patterns, monitor heart rate from your wrist, and display calls and texts. The InBody Band does all that, too, but it can also measure your...

Mini Cooper

This is the third generation of Minis and the thematics that were once comically cute now strike a better balanced between flash and substance.

Porsche Macan

Drive an AWD Macan to an off-road trailhead, and you’ll understand why Porsche’s best selling cars aren’t the two-seat 911 or Boxster, but the Cayenne—the Macan’s big sister.

Nissan Murano

The third-generation AWD Murano is clearly the best yet. In every way, it’s more like a luxury crossover than the price would lead you to believe.

Lincoln MKC AWD

We didn’t see this one coming. Plopped behind the wheel of the MKC on a rainy afternoon, plying our way north on the winding roads of New York’s Hudson Valley, every feature grew on us.

Volkswagen e-Golf

When Volkswagen converted the standard Golf into electric, it kept everything but the power source as Golf-like as possible (heated seats, ultra-precise drivetrain).

BMW i3

Even though we were running late for a trailhead meet-up, we didn’t think twice about bombing down a Catskill mountain road. Simply put, an electric car that handles this sharply doesn’t exist this...

Ford Transit Connect LWB

The third row in most full-size SUVs is cramped and difficult to clamber into. That’s not the case in Ford’s new seven-passenger Transit Connect, which has ten more inches of backseat legroom than...

BMW X4 xDrive28i

You can forgive us for not thinking of BMW as an “eco” brand. It’s the “Ultimate Driving Machine,” not the ultimate tree-hugging machine.

The CES Drone We Most Want to Fly

There are a lot of drones at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. So many, in fact, that they warrant their own UAV section. But the most compelling drone we saw was the Trace FLYR1, a $500 unit...

Our Favorite CES Tech That You'll Actually Use

Wearables are getting more pervasive and more immersive, with brand-new 360-degree cameras and sensors that monitor your heart rate 24/7. Here are some of our favorite new wearables for 2015.

Withings Activité Pop

If you don’t know Withings, you should. It’s a French brand that makes very stylish, very intelligent tracking devices.