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Yunnan: Hike Tiger Leaping Gorge

Yunnan: Hike Tiger Leaping Gorge

Don't want to wait a year to raft the Yangtze? Then hike above it, at Tiger Leaping Gorge, a ten-mile-long black-rock canyon in northwestern Yunnan. Start in Qiaotou village, where a trail spirals...

Guangdong: Hike in Nankun Mountain Nature Reserve

With its low, lush mountains, surreal bamboo forests, and 176 species of butterflies, Nankun Mountain Reserve looks like an abstract painting. But the 100-square-mile reserve, about 80 miles north of...

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Tips for Smart Travelers in China

Active Adventures in China

Seeing Red

Want to get beyond your misconceptions of long-vilified, suddenly mourned, ever-important China? Then go.

Chengdu, Sichuan

Sichuan: Lend a Hand

You're familiar with the headlines. On May 12, an earthquake ripped through the town of Wenchuan, killing tens of thousands and displacing five million. This is not a reason to stay away from Sichuan...

Guangxi: Climb in Yangshuo

Guangxi: Climb in Yangshuo

If you think industrialization has extinguished old, bucolic China, you don't know Yangshuo. The 300,000-person city, in the southwestern part of the nation, has emerged as an adventure hub, while...

Qinghai: Float the Yangtze

Qinghai: Float the Yangtze

Due to the construction of three dams in northwestern Yunnan, raft outfitters stopped running the famed 120-mile Great Bend of the Yangtze River last spring. Next came the unrest in Tibet, and the...

Xinjiang: Explore Kanas National Park

Yes, China has done a number on the environment. But the government is also establishing the world's largest national park. Situated on the Mongolian border, in Xinjiang province, Kanas National Park...

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