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Three top-shelf units get the head-to-head treatment.

Go-Go Gadgets

On road or trail, the best navigators do more than just keep you on track

TomTom Go 930

Go-Go Gadgets

Most Punctual Impress your in-laws with precisely timed arrivals—the TomTom Go 930 estimates the duration of your trip based on how long it took other TomTom users to complete the route, rather than...

Go-Go Gadgets

Tool Kit Meet the Swiss Army knife of the GPS world. The eight-ounce Magellan Triton 2000 packs in a flashlight, two-megapixel camera, geo-tagging voice recorder (think trail diary), and extra-large...

Harman Kardon Guide + Play GPS-510

Go-Go Gadgets

Multimedia Mapper One of the most compact wide-screen models available, the Harman Kardon Guide + Play GPS-510 is both urban navigator and media player. The beautiful four-inch touchscreen is great...

Dash Express

Go-Go Gadgets

Traffic Dodger Designed with urban car commuters in mind, the Dash Express receives real-time traffic updates—like data from other Dash users, fleet vehicles, and highway road sensors—allowing you...

Go-Go Gadgets

Master Orienteer The DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN-20 combines USGS data with the company's own frequently updated trail and street networks, meaning it displays routes that aren't yet on official maps....

Garmin Nuvi 5000

Go-Go Gadgets

Big Daddy While the Garmin Nüvi 5000's XXL display will seem oversize in a Mini, drivers of bigger rigs (or those with bad eyesight) will love its bright, five-inch screen. A video input allows you...

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