Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein is Outside's Gear Guy. You can follow him on twitter @outsidegearguy.

How can I repair tent poles?

After four weeks camping in the Florida Keys, my tent poles have suffered from some serious weathering of its ends (the ends that are on the ground). Is there a way to prevent this? Are some tent...

What's the best solo shelter on the market?

My son wants a bivy tent. He likes to hike for couple of days at a time on his own, usually in a moderate climate but sometimes in the snow. What do I need to look for? Specific models if possible...

What's the best low-cost hard shell jacket?

I'm going on a mountaineering expedition in Peru's Cordillera Blanca next summer. Being a college student, I don't have tons of money to shell out, so what is the best hard shell jacket...

What's the best pack for hiking to Machu Picchu?

I'm going to Peru for a week-long hike to Machu Picchu. I think the tour guides carry the large gear (tents, food). What backpack should I get? My local store suggested an Osprey 40 but I really...


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