Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein is Outside's Gear Guy. You can follow him on twitter @outsidegearguy.

What's the best multi-purpose soft shell jacket?

My son has requested a soft shell jacket as a gift. He seeks something similar to his Columbia shell with internal fleece jackets (3-in-1) of his youth. I think he wants the shell and doesn't...

What pants should I wear in the Tough Mudder race?

I am running the Tough Mudder race and was wondering what the best type of pants to wear? I need something that will keep me somewhat warm, I know that will be nearly impossible but also won't...

What's the best way to sharpen a knife?

I've used knives for various outdoor activities for years but realized I don't know how to effectively sharpen a knife (aside from tossing it and buying a new one). Can you recommend a...

What's the best present for under $150?

I need the perfect present for my boyfriend's birthday! He's a cyclocross racer, mountain biker, skier, rock climber, and camper, and loves all outdoor gear and tools. Any great ideas...

Can you help me find a warm ski glove?

After having skied in the Northeast for the past ten years, I have come to appreciate warm gloves and have always gone for the mitten approach. My Swany X-Change gloves just fell apart and I was...

What's the best down jacket?

I've decided to go big and invest in a quality down jacket, one that I'm going to wear for the next decade. I may be using it when I'm shoveling snow, snowshoeing in the mountains, or...


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