Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein

Doug Gantenbein is Outside's Gear Guy. You can follow him on twitter @outsidegearguy.

What's the best warm-weather trail running shoes?

I run on trails in the Virgin Islands because it's the only safe place to run, but I don't have trail running shoes. I have been tearing through shoes because they can't handle the rough...

How do you remove mildew from gear?

How do you remove mildew from backpacks, waders, and other outdoor gear. I recently brought out my gear for a weekend trip and discovered a lot of mildew on my gear. I looked at the Nikwax website,...

What's the best winter running jacket?

Can you help me find a winter running jacket that breathes, keeps the real cold out (think below 20F) and that doesn't require 3 layers underneath? Would love to run with just a single base...

What's the best day pack for backcountry skiing?

I want to buy my cousin a pack to carry his skis up the mountain. He's 18 years old, just started school in Flagstaff, AZ. Should be some good back country stuff for him to try. What's a good...

What are the best pants for cross-country skiing?

While there's plenty of snow here in Australia, the temperatures typically don't get as low as they do North America or Europe. Give me the low-down on some great cross-country ski pants...


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