Brad Rassler

Fiskars Machete Axe

It’s wildfire season in New Mexico and my tinder-choked yard needed clearing before a spark and gale-force westerlies did the job for me, taking my house along for the ride. To start hacking away, I...

The Iceland Expedition That Went Terribly Wrong

Adventure filmmakers Taylor Rees and Renan Ozturk thought it would be a mellow working vacation: they’d capture footage of four young Brits as they traversed 250 miles of Iceland’s fissured terrain,...

Van prepares to jump from the K120 hill during the U.S. National Championships at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, July 30, 2011. She finished third.

The Fight to Fly

Lindsey Van talks about the new film Ready to Fly and her struggle to get women's ski jumping into the 21014 Winter Olympics

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