Katie Heaney

Monster Hunt: Legend of the Mothman

In 1966, a group of gravediggers in West Virginia reported seeing a flying humanoid figure with glowing red eyes. A year later, a nearby bridge collapsed, killing 46 people. Coincidence? Probably,...

Get Me Out of Here: Horseback Riding

Katie Heaney fell off a horse. Years later, she got back on. You can decide whether or not this works as a metaphor for something else.

Get Me Out of Here: Caving

Katie Heaney walks into the longest cave in Wisconsin and, despite the bats, the darkness, and the bats, makes it out alive.

Get Me Out of Here: Archery

Katie Heaney braves the dangers of archery—ricocheting arrows, inanimate animal objects, bows that bite back—and tests out a local range.


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