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Amanda MacMillan

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Amanda MacMillan is a Brooklyn, New York–based freelance writer, triathlete, and health blogger for

How Can I Learn to Do a Pull-up?

The pull-up is one of the oldest exercises in the book, so struggling with it (and all the workouts that call for it) can be seriously frustrating.

Can Marathons Cause Blood Poisoning?

When researchers tested blood samples of runners after each stage of a multi-day ultramarathon, they found that almost all of them had elevated levels of toxic gut bacteria.

How Long Should I Be Standing at My Desk Every Day?

You don't have to stand all day long to escape the dangers of too much sitting—a public health threat that's been dubbed "the new smoking." In fact, a new consensus statement suggests that being on...

How Can City Folk Train for Trail Running?

How can you train for a trail race if there are no similar trails around where you are? We enlisted ultra-marathoners Dean Karnazes and Zach Bitter to share how to get the best preparation possible.

Why Should Endurance Athletes Care About Plyometrics?

It's well known that plyometric exercises—fast, explosive movements that involve jumping, sprinting, and quick direction changes—can improve skills like speed, vertical jump, and muscle power. Walk...

Why do I Feel Tired Training on Warm Days?

We've all felt it: that little extra difficulty finding the motivation or energy to train when it's hot out. In short, it’s your body’s way of letting you know that it’s working a lot harder than...