Joe Spring

Joe Spring

Joe Spring is a former editor at Outside. His writing can be found in The New York Times, Canoe and Kayak, and the Santa Fean.

Former Cop Offered Deal in Bike Crash

A 57-year-old former Metropolitan police officer has been offered a plea deal in a case in which he swore at a cyclist, hit him with his truck, drove from the scene, and then lied about the incident...

U.S. Half-Marathon Growth Sets Records

Since 2003, the half-marathon has been the fastest growing road distance race in the United States, according to Running USA's 2013 Half-Marathon Report. Last year, the 13.1-mile race had 1.85...

Hiker Rescued After 6 Days on Mount Hood

Six days after she set out to hike 11,235-foot Mount Hood, a 23 year old who got lost and fell in a canyon during a snowstorm was located by a helicopter and rescued. Fox College student Mary Owen...

Spain Investigating Lance Armstrong

On February 20, the United States Anti-Doping Agency tweeted two messages that have more relevance after a report surfaced yesterday that Spain is investigating Lance Armstrong for issues related to...

Aerial Drone to Film Surf Event

Surfer Joel Parkinson may want to think twice about flipping another surfer the bird during the Bells Beach, Australia, ASP event this week, especially if he hears the not-so-faint buzz of flying...

Poachers Kill More Than 80 Elephants

Poachers killed at least 86 elephants, including 33 females and 15 calves, last week in Chad, according to conservation groups. It is the worst recorded elephant slaughter since February of 2012,...

Explore Everest on Google Maps

It turns out that Google has an adventure bucket list, too. The tech giant recently crossed four of the world's highest peaks off its list after sending a team of people with digital cameras and...

Classic Italian

Chef Riccardo Ullio, of Sotto Sotto in Atlanta, Georgia, returned to his roots and found that the most familiar thing can sometimes be the most delicious.

Pikes Peak Marathon Announces Drug Tests

Contestants in the 2013 Pikes Peak Marathon and Pikes Peak Ascent will be subject to drug testing after the event. The United States Anti-Doping Agency will randomly select six of the top 10...

Sean Brock's Johnny Cakes

The chef of McCrady’s and Husk in Charleston, South Carolina, shares an appetizer recipe that highlights some of his favorite southern ingredients.

Southern Radicle

In 2010, James Beard “Best Chef Southeast” winner Sean Brock started a new restaurant to protect the legacy of a lost cuisine. He ended up sowing a revolution.


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