Erin Berger

Welcome to the Quietest Square Inch in the U.S.

There's a rare spot in America where you can escape the din of civilization at sanity-restoring levels. You've probably never experienced anything like it. But if encroaching noise pollution...

The Street View Aquatic with Google

Google Street View has taken us trekking alongside Sherpas in the Himalayas and on sled-dog rides in remotest Canada. But we’ve always hoped for a more deep-dive experience. Literally.

The Plight of the Alaskan Musher

Dog-sledding offers little glamour and even less money, but there exists a legion of Alaskans who love it obsessively. Now the trick is to support a lifestyle that most others today just don’t...

8 Google Views That Go Way Off-Grid

One thing you won't see on Google Street View: surprise spiders. Keeping the Trekker's 15 lenses free of natural debris is a common technical challenge for the teams capturing immersive panoramas of...

outside 15 day reboot

We Tried It: Sleep In

Here’s the thing: You can’t get in the habit of sleeping in every day. Should you continuously sacrifice office time or workouts for a little extra shuteye, you’ll likely wind up demoted and out of...

wolf creek, village at wolf creek, red mccombs, skiing, snow sports, snowboarding, colorado, pagosa springs, development, environment

Controversial Wolf Creek Resort Land Swap Approved

The Forest Service recently approved a land swap of 204.4 federal acres on southern Colorado's Wolf Creek Pass for 177.6 acres of private land. This swap will advance a Texas billionaire's highly...


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