Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson (@josiewhaler), Outside online's Gear Guy, never thought that the ten years he spent as a raft guide, outdoor retail employee, and vagabond would turn into a career.

An Elegy to the World’s Best Running Shoes

The subject line was innocuous enough. It read, “Pearl Izumi Focuses on Cycling Business.” I expected an announcement of a new line of bibs, shoes, or jerseys, not the devastating news last week’s...

What's the Best New Gear for Under $50?

Every summer, I run around Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City checking out the most innovative gear for our Gear of the Show awards. But as I walk the aisles, I also pay attention to the small stuff—...

What Are the Best Duffel Bags?

Expedition duffel bags are the workhorses of the adventure world. You see them strapped to yaks in the Himalayas and Tacomas in the Mojave. People love them because they're well made, easy to pack,...

What Items Belong in My Backpacking First-Aid Kit?

Gareth Tate has been a wilderness first responder and NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute instructor for more than a decade, so he's treated a lot backcountry accidents. I called him up to find out...

What's the Best Car Camping Gear for $25 or Less?

Lots of car camping items cost less than $25. For this list, we tried to come up with items you might not otherwise think to bring. Stuff that won't break the bank but will make sleeping under the...

Do Anti-Stink Clothing Treatments Really Work?

I wanted to know if a Polygiene-treated shirt would give me an extra day or week of use, so I decided to run, work, and sleep in my Patagonia Fore Runner until my wife demanded I take it off.

What Are the Best Sunglasses?

It's a conundrum many of us face. We want nice sunglasses, but we tend to drop, smash, or lose them more often then we'd like. Enter the sub-$100 pair. At this price point, you can still get a fine...

What Are the Best New Camp Chairs?

The importance of good summer camp chairs can't be understated. You need them in the woods, at music festivals, and for backyard barbecues.

What Are the Best Everyday Carry Knives?

You'll always be glad to have a quality knife in your pocket, whether you need to open a box from UPS, make a cheese sandwich on the trail, or save your ass in an emergency.

What Are the Best Hammocks?

Over the past month, my friends and I have taken a lot of naps in these hammocks to test comfort and ease of use. Rough job, I know. But we also wanted to test durability, so I bought ten 50-pound...

What's the Best After-Work Adventure Gear?

Next Monday is the longest day of the year. Take advantage of the extra sunlight that day and all summer with this roundup of some of our favorite gear that'll have you ready for the trail as soon as...


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