Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson (@josiewhaler), Outside online's Gear Guy, never thought that the ten years he spent as a raft guide, outdoor retail employee, and vagabond would turn into a career.

What Products Will Help Me Sleep Better?

We all know how much—and how well—you sleep affects both your athletic and professional performance. These seven products will help make each hour count.

What Are the Best Outdoor Storage Solutions?

If you love playing in the mountains, it’s easy to accrue a mountain of gear. It isn’t until you have to contend with storing three boats, four bikes, and two SUPs that you start to feel like a...

How Max King Got So Fast—and How You Can, Too

Starting in 2007, King, a standout cross-country runner, spent a year and a half training exclusively for the steeplechase. The result? The worst national-championship race of his life.

What’s the Best Fly-Fishing Gear?

A taste for high-end fly-fishing gear is like a taste for fine wine: An appreciation for the subtleties is extremely personal and can get pricey fast. We asked Ryan Allred, Jefferson Flywater’s owner...

What Essentials Do I Need in My First-Aid Kit?

Gareth Tate started teaching Wilderness First Responder courses for the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute almost a decade ago. We took a look inside his personal first-aid kit to compile a list of...

Packing 101: Pay Attention to the Small Stuff

Few things can ruin a would-be stellar camping trip like realizing you forgot something really important. With this guide to packing, you won't have to learn the hard way.

What Are the Best Fog-Proof Goggles?

Perpetually foggy goggles are one of the few things that can ruin a precious powder day. Thankfully, two companies agree and are working to produce the world’s first anti-fog technology.

Your Ultimate Backcountry Ski Kit

If you’re skiing in the backcountry, you want reliable high-performance gear. Here’s a list of the 14 halo products to take with you when the lines get steep and the snow gets deep—all recently...

Camping 101: How to Dress

I knew better than to ask my buddy Bryan where he got the brand-new olive-colored, three-layer Gore-Tex jacket that he offered me in lieu of his $80 portion of a three-week Costa Rican car rental....


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