Grayson Schaffer

Scott Jurek’s Champagne Problems

The ultra-runner set a new record on the AT and found himself at the center of a debate about how we should use the wilderness.

How Conrad Anker Risked It All to Chase a Dream

How did a climbing movie break through with mainstream audiences? Credit the incredible life story of Conrad Anker at its center: a tale of tragedy, family, friendship, risk, and the redemptive power...

Everest: The Show Must Go On?

The southern side of the mountain, in Nepal, technically remains open—even after the earthquake killed more than 5,000 people, including 18 at Everest Base Camp.

The Aftermath on Everest

As rescue efforts continue at Base Camp, attention shifts to dozens of climbers trapped at Camps I and II

The Everest Earthquake

After falling rocks and ice tore through Base Camp on April 25, stranded climbers struggle to care for their wounded and dead.

Google Goes to Everest

Last March and April, shortly before the avalanche that claimed the lives of 16 high-altitude workers on Mount Everest, a team from Google was trekking around Nepal’s Khumbu region in hopes of making...

The Life and Times of Tack Strau

Peter Kray’s new novella, The God of Skiing, has a lot to say. We’re not quite sure what it all means, but we sure did enjoy the ride.