Grayson Schaffer

The Grand Canyon's Sexual Harassment Problem

As with the highly coveted private and commercial trips that run as long as three weeks, participants live together in the canyon, cooking all of their meals together, sleeping in close proximity,...

The Big Business of Adventure on Instagram

If a skier hucks without uploading a photo, does anybody see it? A road trip through the exploding business side of Instagram, where pro athletes roam Alberta stalking the next big trophy shot.

Lucky Chance Dies in a Rope Swing Accident

The Australian climber, BASE jumper, and circus performer Lucky Chance died Tuesday in Australia’s Blue Mountains after hurling himself off of a giant rope swing known as the Death Swing.

Scott Jurek’s Champagne Problems

The ultra-runner set a new record on the AT and found himself at the center of a debate about how we should use the wilderness.

How Conrad Anker Risked It All to Chase a Dream

How did a climbing movie break through with mainstream audiences? Credit the incredible life story of Conrad Anker at its center: a tale of tragedy, family, friendship, risk, and the redemptive power...

Everest: The Show Must Go On?

The southern side of the mountain, in Nepal, technically remains open—even after the earthquake killed more than 5,000 people, including 18 at Everest Base Camp.


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