Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold

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Katie Arnold (@raisingrippers) is a freelance journalist and editor who writes Raising Rippers for Outside online. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, two young daughters, and puppy Pete.

6 Ways to Raise Healthier, Happier Kids

“Blue zones” where entire communities live longer, better lives aren't just for grownups. Here’s how you can craft them in your own neighborhood.

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We’re getting deeper into summer and you’ve probably asked yourself, where can we take a true family-friendly adventure? It’s a question I get from readers a lot this time of year, and I’ve come up...

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Athletic training and parenthood aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, when done right, they go hand in hand.

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An interview with the parent-stars of the new television show “Big Crazy Family Adventure” about how to roam with children without going insane.

7 Tips for Powering Down and Getting Out

With the start of summer came an unending chorus of requests for screen time from my kids. Unsure how to respond, I checked in with Dr. Scott Sampson, chief curator at the Denver Museum of Nature...

Notes from the Child-Full Life

A piece written in response to "The Childless Life," an article that ran in the New York Times. Writer Katie Arnold respects the decisions of those who opted not to have children, but shares how she...