Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold

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Katie Arnold (@raisingrippers) is a freelance journalist and editor who writes Raising Rippers for Outside online. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, two young daughters, and puppy Pete.

Slope Style

1. Bern Muse Helmet This downsized lid has zero bobblehead factor yet still has room for a removable liner (with speakers). $99; bernunlimited.com 2. Marmot Furlong Like it or not, you will get...

The Alpha Geek

OK, so he's not the coolest guy on the river. But with another world freestyle title, a kayak-building business that's shaking up the industry, and a sweet RV to take him and his paddling...

Launching Pads

Five perfect adventure lodges for your next escape

Community Leader

MAJORA CARTER Environmental Equalizer Green and clean used to be scarce commodities in the South Bronx, a New York City neighborhood saddled with 15 waste-transfer stations, a 39-acre sewage...

Energy Wizard

ISAAC BERZIN Alternative Energy Wizard When biotechnology engineer Isaac Berzin devised a process for turning algae into alternative fuel in the late nineties, many of his fellow scientists...

Home Improvement

Brett Nave and Lori Ryker left the Earthship behind to build the ultimate eco-chic crash pad in the Montana hills

Beyond Tahiti

Our reconnaissance of French Polynesia turns up the South Pacific's freshest adventures

Drafting Dean: Interview Outtakes

To interview ultrarunner Dean Karnazes for our January cover story, “This Life Goes to 11,” managing editor Katie Arnold joined him for a “short run.” Four hours later, she’d...

She Rocks

Steph Davis knows the downside of being one of the world's best women climbers—like living out of a car for seven years and having your mom suggest (frequently) that you're out of your mind. The...

Horseback Riding into the Sunset

Twenty miles south of Santa Fe, where the southern Rockies peter out into desert, the landscape turns iconic. This is Hollywood-western terrain—films like Young Guns and The Hi-Lo Country have...

It's Better My Way

Back when the world was perfect and I was a kid, I spent my summers in bare feet and a wet bathing suit on an island on Stony Lake, in southern Ontario. Like everyone else who lived on the hundred or...

The Chi in Me

What's the fastest way to bring power and stamina to your sport? Start moving very, very slowly. (No, even slower than that.)