Mary Catherine O'Connor

Mary Catherine O'Connor

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Mary Catherine O'Connor (@mcoc) is a freelance journalist who writes the Adventure Ethics column, about the intersection of adventure and environment, for Outside online. 

Beyond Strava

Public transit and trail data is becoming truly public. And whether you're biking to work or squeezing into a bus, that's a huge deal.

Why Obama's New Regs Scare Big Coal

New emissions limits are sure to push coal further out of the U.S. energy mix, but what's to stop that carbon from being shipped overseas?

The Incredible Journey of Gray Wolf OR-7

A wolf named OR-7 made history when he left Oregon for California, all on his own. Now, with a media following and a new mate, he's kind of a big deal.

Is Consumerism The Climate's Enemy?

In his new book, The Big Pivot: Radically Practical Strategies for a Hotter, Scarcer, and More Open World, Andrew Winston argues that environmental changes are forcing companies that make our cars,...

Everest Is Melting

The poles are melting, but so are high mountain ranges in and near the tropics.

Your Face Scrub Is a Serious Pollutant

In 2012, advocacy group 5 Gyres, which had theretofore been focused on drawing attention to the epidemic of ocean trash and the impact photo-degraded plastic is having on ocean ecosystems, turned its...

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Wet

Rumbling tankers, military ops, oil and gas exploration—the ocean's turning into a noisy mosh pit and it's ruining precious marine habitat.