Heather Hansman

Heather Hansman

Heather Hansman (@hhansman) is a Seattle-based freelance writer and a former editor at Powder and Skiing. One time, she won a bag of pasta in an Italian big mountain competition. She is a terrible surfer.

Which Ski Resorts Give You the Most for Your Money?

News flash: Skiing isn't a cheap sport. You're going to be shelling out whether you're skiing a small-town rope tow or a multi-peak mega-resort. But your dollars get you farther at some mountains...

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Foster Huntington's Clubhouse

Foster Huntington is getting really good at living the dream. The man who invented #VanLife is finally settling down, but in a fittingly unconventional way.

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The Joy of Cycling: Now Available for Everyone

In 2007, Boston was ranked the worst biking city in the U.S. by Bicycling magazine—for the third time. There were plenty of reasons: lack of lanes, poor road conditions, boorish drivers.


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