Lauren Steele

Salton Sea Restoration Project Proposed

Assemblyman Brian Nestande of California announced Monday his initiative to employ a quarter-cent sales tax increase in the Coachella Valley. Money raised would pay for an earthen dike to be...

Nick Symmonds Is a Man of Many Talents

Nick Symmonds just penned his first book, wants to take the road race 800-meter world record on October 17, and is training to run the first sub-five beer mile at the Beer Mile World Championships in...

Study: Hiking Makes You Happier

British and American scientists have published new research showing that group nature walks help us combat stress while boosting mental well-being.

Shareholder Sues SeaWorld

Shareholders filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. over the impact of Tim Zimmerman's documentary "Blackfish" on company share values.

Science Will Save Your Coffee

Scientists have sequenced the genes of coffee plants that produce our favorite buzz-inducing compound: caffeine. The findings could lead to the ability to genetically modify coffee crops that are...

This Fork Zaps You When You Eat Too Fast

There's a new tool for athletes who shovel down their recovery meals. The HAPIfork is an electronic fork that glows and vibrates when you don't take enough time between bites.

Drink Up! Wine Makes Athletes Stronger

A new study suggests that the combination of regular exercise and moderate consumption of either red or white wine improves cardiac health and lowers cholesterol.