Graham Averill

Eddie Bauer Voyager II

Remember when people dressed up to travel? I don’t either, but apparently, for the first half of the 20th century, men wore suits whenever venturing beyond their home zip code.

Breweries Worth Traveling For

Brewery road trip might sound like an oxymoron because of the whole “drinking and driving” thing, but listen, there are breweries that are worth driving great distances to reach.

10 Steps to Becoming a Grill Master

Grilling should be simple. Apply fire to meat. We’ve been doing that for almost 2 million years. But over time, grilling has evolved from a necessity to an art form, and with all art forms, success (...

5 Alternatives to Your Traditional Grill

Many of us are guilty of falling into a grilling rut, but it’s best not to get hung up on one method. In the spirit of besting your nemesis or neighbors, here are five alternatives to the standard...

Motoped Cruzer

I’m not exactly a handy guy. But the mere sight of an engine triggers some primal urge to pick up a wrench and tinker with it.

9 American Centuries to Master

Cycling 100 miles is an alluring feat. Why? Because it’s doable with a little training and some smart nutrition. The only question, then, is which 100-mile ride do you want to tackle?

The Rise of Mexican Craft Brews

Until recently, you had very few beer choices when you went south of the border because of a virtual duopoly by Mexico's two largest brewers. In the wake of a 2013 law that allowed businesses to sell...

Do It: Predict the Weather (No App Required)

I was stumbling around in the middle of the night, lost in a wicked snowstorm on the Appalachian Trail and all I could see with my headlamp was a wall of white. I knew an A.T. shelter was a mile...